Working with Abby has changed my life in a short period of time. I came to her because I was fumbling with meditation and just generally detaching from my mind after a forced spiritual awakening. I was also repressing some painful emotions that I was terrified to feel. With her soft, compassionate energy, she guided me to feel the pain I had been using my mind to push away. Almost immediately, my physical reality changed, and an intolerable work situation that would otherwise have taken many months - possibly years - to fall away, vibrated out of my reality within a couple of weeks. I now believe in quantum leaps in a way that I have only heard talked about in my previous Law of Attraction studies. For the first time in my life, I have an actual meditation practice in place, thanks to her. I now have consistent connections with consciousness that I last experienced as a child before I was conditioned into identifying with the mind. She has helped me to see my thoughts and emotions as no less illusory than storylines and images from a movie; and in doing so, to shift my focus into pure consciousness - what is real right here and right now. Here is the really exciting part: I feel that the end of my coaching with Abby is only the beginning of many more years to shift into parallel realities. I am only beginning to practice what she has taught me and have yet to even put it all into full gear. The best is yet to come. I would recommend Abby to anyone who is serious about shifting into 5D reality. She is simply the best and is second to none on teaching consciousness.


I was very blessed to have Abby as my mentor for 3 months. She’s knowledgeable, compassionate, supportive, and loving. Being on the ascension process herself, she guided me gently through my highs and lows, and helped me shift my perspective from the external circumstances to my inner world. She taught me how to connect with my body and allow all the feelings, and drop any limiting beliefs about myself, therefore becoming more and more empowered, self-loving, and zen every day. As a result, I now know deep within that I am whole and complete and need nothing external to change in any way to be at peace. I am increasingly detached from the outside world and neutral about any outcome. However, that is exactly what is bringing about the most desirable changes in the 3D in every area! As I get to know and love myself more and more, as a side-effect, I am also attracting my Twin Flame into my physical reality more and more. The more I come into Union with myself, the closer he comes.

D Pascoe

I have worked with Abby twice now and each time has been amazing! I don’t think I was particularly easy to work with at some points but Abby didn’t give up on me, she’s caring and compassionate but knew when it was time to bring out the big guns and point me towards the truth! Abby didn’t roll me in cotton wool she pushed me to dig deep and it really hurt sometimes and for that I am very grateful, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for her no nonsense truth but in the most loving way. I feel empowered to keep digging deep and living my best life, I have gained invaluable tools to help me keep moving forward. I have had a number of important breakthroughs working with Abby and I highly recommend working with her, you won’t regret it.


Working with Abby was such bliss for me. She is a sunny and honest person and I could always be myself talking to her in our weekly sessions. She thought me a lot about self care, setting boundaries and manifestation. She got me much further on my ascension by giving me very helpful tools on how to let go of the addiction to my twin flame, quiet the mind and transmute the “negative” emotions. Furthermore I am learning to face my fears with patience and compassion and to speak my truth. Each day I get more clarity on what my dreams and desires are and what is important in my life. THANK YOU ABBY! ❤❤❤


Abby’s private coaching program really launched me into another level of self-love and fearlessness. My life literally changed the first day and I was pushed to make a transition I didn’t know I needed to make. After that it was one situation after another challenging me and calling me to my highest self. I manifested more money than I ever have and I discovered that because I can feel and hold space for myself I actually can live without any worry. I realized I can move through the feelings of any experience by embracing them and i always discover they’re always temporary as is the situation. Abby really understands energy and explains it and coaches you so that you will not only be conscious but respond in action to your energy or someone’s else’s. It’s a huge key to living well. This is a fantastic program! Abby is so genuine and she will give you information but honor your decision to take it as you will. If you’re wanting to live in a more self-honoring way and become more conscious of your energy to master manifestation, this is the program for you. I will be continuing with her when needed in the future. Thank you Abby boo! 😘😘😘😘


Abby it's so nice to see you everyday. I just wanted to write in here how much you have helped me grow and I'm grateful that the world has beautiful souls like you who is compassionate, understanding, faithful. For those beautiful souls that were led to this video, are resonating, and are wondering if they would like to be coached by Abby, I highly recommend her. Abby helped me become fearless in LIFE. I was reminded of my true essence, my wholeness, and that everything is PERFECT. Love you lots A! You are such a light to me and to the world.


I definitely have had a shift and I feel very calm and happy. Thoughts are still there but fleeting and certainly not obsessive at all. I actually feel quite calm about everything which is such a wonderful feeling. I wanted to thank you for everything and for helping me to stay true to myself and live in the moment. Honestly it is such a freeing feeling.... Thank you so much! Much love to you

Rich Vocab

I've been able to start detoxing and observe insidious fear-tinged thoughts now, thanks to Abby's insights on my personal situation. Trust me, it pays to hang on to every word she says. Grateful for having your guidance, Abby!


Dear Abby, it's been such a life-changing day and such a life-changing call... truly, I think today was one the most intense days of my life. I need to process everything. So grateful for the change of perspective you offered me. Thanks for sending the card and the description. Looking forward to reading the action plan. THANK YOU!! ❤❤❤❤❤


Your course was priceless and my morning routine began from this and it’s amazing.... God Freaking Bless You Abby. You got there. You are simply nothing short of Amazing.